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Women's Power Hub is one of the Quadri-hubs (Women's Power Hub- Web Promotion Hub- Modern World Hub- Sports Power Hub) of Dr K N Bastola, reflecting his encyclopedic work 'Women's Power: Its Past, Its Present, Its Future: Femocracy' that discusses about the past, present and future of mankind, in a single volume containing 150 subjects.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Sexual Revolution Brought STD And Social Change: Is Our World Becoming A Fearful Place?

Even if this atheistic civilization is getting rid of fear of divine Hell, far from not having an end, our fears seem to multiply like rabbits. Although EU allayed French fear of having to sleep with both eyes open following unification of Germany, and tactical demise of the Soviet allayed Cold War fears, emergence of Communist China gives a Capitalist threat. Even if not the fear of annihilation of nations, Atom Bomb gives us the chilling Cuban Missile Crisis.
Furthermore, chillingly reminding America imported Syphilis epidemic that also seems to suggest ‘imported’ isn’t always good, sexual revolution given sexual freedom is creating a dangerous world.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Why The New York Times Reporting On Straus-Kahn Case Is Bad Reporting?

With civilized society not functioning properly without justice and society even turning into ‘jungle raj’ without it, people even sacrifice their lives for the sake of it. While a civilized justice system offers punishment to those who break the law, it makes sure that even criminals are entitled to justice.
A thief cannot be assaulted by a mob. Law takes its course. Similarly, although her profession is to make love with many people and her character cannot be said to be ideal, a forceful sex with a prostitute is still regarded as rape. That is what a civilized society is all about.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

After All, What Is 'Women's Power' Hub?

The ways of the world surprise us all. Almost like the presence of both love and contempt in the sacred, world is full of extremes. Almost parallel to the developed and the developing world, treatment of women is quite different in the two worlds.
Whereas in the developing world, women are less allowed to have education, have opportunity to go out and have a say in marriage as an expressed culture, cultures of silence sees them physically and sexually abused. Latter even sees her as the faulty party, when she reports her rape. No wonder, many women in the developing world believe that it is a curse to be a woman.