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Friday, 26 November 2010

Are There Many Differences Between Man And Woman?

To start with, the most obvious difference between sexes is the anatomy. Even male and female animals look quite different. It is, however, interesting to note that, while animals have so similar faces that it is hard to identify them individually; our individual faces are so different. We have so much difficulty in finding, even a lookalike.
But then, the facial contour of man and woman is so different that even babies can identify a male and a female face. However, differences between sexes go much beyond anatomy.

Although we knew so much about men, with educational empowerment of women not being there, we hardly knew about women. Even poets, who were a guide to the society, openly said that women were a mystery. Society only knew that women cyclically menstruated, produced babies, had a different anatomy, and were weak, emotional and less intelligent. Religious laws focused on those differences. It fitted very well in the concept of man working outside and women working at home.

Today, we have more or less invaded male and female bodies with all sorts of gadgets like injections, MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, US, etc. We have taken blood, bone and tissue samples and investigated them. While these have taken our differences from anatomy to histology to genes, they have also taken physiology to the blood parameters. Normal male and female blood parameters are not the same. Psychologists not only study adults, they even study kids and babies. Now they say that even new born babies are not clean slates, as was believed some time back. As if combining sexual revolution and science, even brain is said to be a sex organ. Once formed inside the womb with the help of hormones, it is said to be an unchangeable sex organ after birth.

It is amazing that, while concept of equality tries to ignore differences between the sexes and even ‘forces’ religionists to say ‘women are equal but different’, science brings about these unending number of differences. In addition, with women’s empowerment, now even women are expressing their inner feelings coherently; only to increase the differences. In addition again, modern civilization has made so many amenities available to both sexes that use of those simply increases the differences.

Now the question is; what is the significance of these differences? Are they pointless or are they important? It is important to say that today; there is a huge competition between the sexes. Almost like a supermarket’s slogan ‘every little helps’, these differences do help the one, who gains from it.

Not missing to note it, the book, ‘Women’s Power : Its Past, Its present, Its Future: Femocracy’, not only discusses more than 50 differences between sexes, it also highlights their implications relevant to a competitive world.


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  1. Hi
    It is true that there are a lot of differences between the sexes if we take into account the accessory factors.
    On the whole, possibly you are right.
    John Smith